Sunday, November 7, 2010

extravaganza 2010 - FLIGHT

This is my contest entry for extravaganza 2010.

It sets in a world of steampunk utopia, where mankind has taken the technology to a level that is so advanced, they are even able to elevate the whole city. So apart from flying vehicles such as hot air balloons and airships, this kind of steam powered flying suite is an essential tool for travelling from places to places. Its design is complex yet elegant. It's equiped with two powerful steam powered turbine engines that sit on the tip of the wings. A pressure meter is equiped on the left arm to allow the pilot to constantly moniter the pressure level and fuel status, while three pressure vavles sit on the other arm giving the pilot delicate control over the thrust on both engines and the rotation of the wings for turning. The wings are locked into place on a shoulder piece that rests on the pilot's shoulder. To minimise the stress on the pilot;s shoulder, the should piece is supported by two hydualic levers that is connected on the other end to a metal ring around the waist, the metal ring is again connected to the suit through 10 mini hydualic levers so that the weight of the whole shoulder piece and the engines can be dispersed to the whole body leaving the pilot with little stress on the shoulders. So it makes the suit comfortable to wear under any situations.

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Stanley said...

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