Hi, I'm Jianran Pan, and I've been working as a concept artist for over 3 years. My work experience includes designing and illustrating all sorts of topics ranging from characters, props and mechas, to environments. Besides of concept art, I've also had experience in storyboard, comics, and various styled illustrations through a number of freelance works and personal projects.

Now available for job offer and commissions.

Work Experience

- Binary-Star Ltd. | http://www.binary-star.com/
  Hybrid Combat
  Concept Artist, 2006-2010

Freelance Clients

- Brandish | http://www.brandish.co.nz/

- South Pacific Pictures | http://www.southpacificpictures.com/

- Visari Entertainment | http://www.visarientertainment.com/

- Nanotalons, LLC | http://www.nanotalons.com/

- flashgamemaker.com | http://www.flashgamemaker.com/

- Aojirouma Publishing LLC | http://www.aojirouma.com/

- Macmillan Publisher NZ Ltd. | http://www.macmillan.co.nz/