Monday, August 23, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Monster Head Sculpture

My first try on sculpting. Used super sculpey and baked hard in oven. I don;t know why, strangely enough, sculpting seems to be more natrual to work with compared to drawing. I think I will try making some more while I haven't lost interests in this. XD

Slipshod Character Concept

Commission, super hero designed by Matt Miller

Sunday, August 8, 2010

DO2010 Photo Dump

Photos taken at DO this year. I'm alway too lazy for this sort of stuff, but I dont want these photos to get lost and forgotten buried deep in my harddrive either. So here they are.

Lie chan working hard on her commision at the event.

Ppl gather around our table, again lie chan working hard serving customers. Must thank her for that, so I could wander around taking photos during that day.

Finally me and lie chan caught in the camera, due to some reason her face must be censored, lol =v=

Ray, must thank him for helping out on that day too.

Some nice cosplayers, really like that BRS, though the size is not actually what I remembered from the original work (if you know what I mean =v=)

Love that DRRR helmet, though thats not a real helmet and she cannot see through so she had to take it off after ppl taking photos.

Spain (from APH) and lie chan caught in action .

Doctor Franken Stein from souleater!! In my opinion, He's the best coser on that day!

Behold! Trap sighted! Jerry looked lovely in that lolita dress btw =v=

Comiket ppl interviewing a touhou coser, I also got interviewed, it's so hard talking to them while one of the older guy kept speaking japanese to me @.@

Lovely daughters of those DD lovers

Finally and most importantly, figures!

Finally, must thank those people who bought our posters or showed their support on that day, thanks to them all the posters are pretty much sold out.